Braishfield Bees Football Club – Statement in Relation to COVID-19

Braishfield Bees FC acknowledge that several local Football Clubs have taken the decision to return to football training and indeed some started a few weeks ago ahead of clarity being received by the FA in this regard.

As a Club, the safety of our Players, parents, guardians, other relatives and our coaches and management team are our number 1 priority.

With this in mind we reviewed the situation at our AGM on the 26th May and unanimously agreed to further review following the expected Government update 28th June (which in fact was bought forward to 25th June).

Hence, the Club’s Managers, Coaches and Committee members (for which all age groups were represented) discussed the matter at a meeting on the 29th June in depth and it was overwhelmingly agreed that at present it was too great a risk to return to training or any football activity.

Our responsibility as a Club is NOT just keeping all of our children safe, but also protecting you, grandparents and all our Managers and Coaches and anyone else we/they come into contact with.

In order to restart at present, the following would have to be undertaken by EVERY age groups Manager/Coach before any first training session and any subsequent session once up and running;

  • Full risk assessment (These have been drawn up in detail and ready for use) to be carried out by the coach taking the sessions, specific to each session/activity as well as taking into account every child’s individual needs. These Risk Assessments have been drawn from FA Guidelines and our Associated Grassroots Partner Chelsea FC’s elite programme so as to ensure we follow the best practices
  • Sanitising of all venue facilities/equipment before and after the session, with no sharing of equipment
  • Follow the social distancing rules governed by the Government at any point in time
  • One/two adults depending upon size of group/s supervising each session from a distance (with every adult to have a safeguarding certificate/DBS)
  • Training rules one pager to be issued to all parents/guardians to ensure that you, player and manager/coach are aware of requirements and follow 100% especially around non-contact. This form/ disclaimer is then to be signed by you denying any responsibility of the manager/coach if the worst should happen and a child becomes infected or even possible death
  • Our public liability insurance like most Club’s does NOT cover covid-19 related incidents so any issues could be up to 100% your own responsibility and liability

We will continue to review communications and guidance from the Government, FA, Hampshire FA, TWYFL and TVBC regarding permitted grassroots football activity during the next few weeks/months.

The Club are looking into all possibilities which will be required to safely ensure that the guidance can facilitate a safe return to training/football and request that all managers/coaches, parents/guardians and players remain patient and do NOT undertake any coaching activity unless within same household until such time the Club has a standardised safe approach across all age groups as to how this will recommence. It should be further noted that the Braishfield Recreation Ground isn’t available to use until mid July and none of the TVBC pitches are currently available for training, together with Mountbatten and Romsey School facilities being closed.

For now and as agreed by the Committee, NO Braishfield Teams are permitted to train until further notice with next meeting/call planned for the 21st July for further review.

We are aware that some clubs have recommenced training, but we currently believe that risk to be too high, to prejudice the welfare of your children and loved ones at this point in time. We fully understand that your children are going through confusing times and that is why we want to put out this clear and consistent whole club approach to this matter 

As a Club we want nothing more than to see players and managers/coaches having fun and playing football as well as each and everyone of you socialising with each other as soon as possible and rest assured measures have been drawn up for this to happen. We realise there are some Club’s out there who have resumed training and to some this may feel unfair however, with limited training facilities due to our normal training venue closure of Mountbatten School, Braishfield Recreation Ground and Hunts Farm we are limited to looking for alternative venues, albeit with negative responses from Parish Councils due to them wanting to rightly protect their residents/parishioners at this current time. We are in constant communication with them of finding any space/facilities and will be kept abreast of any possibilities that may arise.

Ultimately, we need to make sure that a return is as safe and watertight for players, parents/guardians and managers/coaches before we proceed to fully protect ourselves. In the meantime, stay safe and well and we’re looking forward to seeing you all as soon as viably possible.

The Committee