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Braishfield Bees formed on September 4th


Hampshire FA Charter Standard Development Club of the Year

South West Regional FA Charter Standard Development Club of the Year

Finalist in National FA Charter Standard Development Club of the Year awards


First grassroots Club in UK to sign a Partnership Agreement with Chelsea FC Foundation


Under 7s Inaugural Girls team into Club

Under 7s Boys Two teams into Club


Rebranded with new badge and named Braishfield Bees Youth Football Club

20 teams within the Club including;

  • Bumble Bees formed for Year R and Year 1
  • Under 8 Girls 2 teams
  • Under 8 Boys 3 teams
  • Under 9 Boys 2 teams
  • Under 10 Boys 2 teams
  • Under 11 2 Boys teams

Inaugural 2 day 6-a-side Tournament

Gained 2* FA Accreditation Status

Half term Soccer School and Training Camps set up in conjunction with Chelsea FCF

Adopted use of TeamTalk club management software

Age Group Achievements

2010/11 Season

U10s League Cup Runners Up

2014/15 Season

U13s League Runners Up

2015/16 Season

U8s Broughton Tournament Winners
U8s Stockbridge Tournament Winners

U14s League Cup Winners
U14s League Runners Up

2016/17 Season

U8s Lions Cup Runners Up

U9s Jock McClorey Cup Winners

U12s Jock McClorey Cup Winners

U13s Test Way Youth League Div 2 Winners

U14s Test Way Youth League Div 1 Runners Up
U14s Invitation Cup Winners

U15s League Winners
U15s League Cup Winners and County Cup Semi finalists

2017/18 Season

U10s River Cup Runners Up

U12s River Cup Runners Up

U13s League Winners

U14s Dibden & Hythe 6-a-side tournament – Cup Winners

U16s League Winners
U16s League Cup Winners and County Cup Semi Finalists

2018/19 Season

U14s League and League Cup Winners

U15s Braishfield 6-a-side tournament – Plate Winners

U18s Runners up in League

2019/20 Season

Under 7s Lion Plate Runners Up

Under 8s Lion Plate Winners

U12s Testway League 2 Runners Up
Under 12s Division 1 Runners Up

Under 15s League Cup Runners Up

U16s Division 1 – Runners Up
U16s Braishfield 6-a-side tournament – Cup Winners

Under 17s Division 2 Winners

U18s Division 2 runners up

2020/21 Season

Under 7s Lion Plate Runners Up

Under 8s Lion Plate Winners

Under 12s Division 1 Runners Up

Under 17s Division 2 Winners

Under 18s League Cup Runners Up

2021/22 Season

Under 7s Black
Jock McClorey Vase Runners Up

Under 8s
Lion Cup Runners Up

Under 9s
Lion Plate Runners Up

Under 18s Gold
League Runners Up

Under 18s Black
League Cup Winners
League Invitational Cup Winners

2022/23 Season

Under 7s
Jock McClorey Vase Runners Up
Oak Cup Plate Runners Up

Under 8s Black
Jock McClorey Vase Winners

Under 10s Gold
Jock McClorey Vase Runners Up

Under 18s
Division 1 Winners
League Cup Winners
Hampshire FA Cup Runners Up


Individual Player Awards

2018/19 Season

Dean Cameron Trophy: Felix Monk-Steel


Players: Jack Elkins
Managers: Max Chatterley
Supporters: Lucas Vidler
Most Improved: Stanley Griffiths


Players: Ollie
Managers: George
Supporters: George
Most Improved: Aiden


Players: William Bridgeman
Managers: George Harris
Supporters: Jasper Woolcock
Most Improved: Dray Weigh


Players: Jake Brombley
Managers: Riley Fuller
Supporters: Thomas Watt
Most Improved: Jack Waters


Players: Hugo Rawlings
Managers: Gad Sofar
Supporters: Hari Sonpal


Players: Louis Bates
Managers: Thomas Osborne
Supporters: Jimmy Palfrey


Players: Oli Wilson
Managers: Charlie Taylor
Supporters: Andy Jerram


Players: Berzan Yilmaz & Stan Lawrence
Managers: Oliver Brown
Supporters: Pharrel Van Addison


2019/20 Season

Season expunged due to Covid-19 therefore no awards presented.

2020/21 Season

Annual Club Recognition Award

Mike Osborne

Dean Cameron Trophy

Noah Garnett

Under 8s

Players: Logan Griffiths
Managers: Max Lambert
Supporters: Styles Moody
Most improved: Johnny Sessions

Under 9s

Players player: Hamish Nicholson
Managers: Frankie Judd
Supporters: Dexter Richards
Most improved: Harry Hopkins

Under 10s

Players: Bella Bennett
Managers: Jack Elkins
Supporters: Henry Willes
Most improved: Caleb Grist

Under 11s

Players: Adham Elhani
Managers: George James
Supporters: Aiden Roberts
Most improved: Joey Whittington

Under 12s

Players: Joseph Morey
Managers: Joseph Morey
Supporters: Joshua Duddridge

Under 13s

Players: Maddox Carr
Managers: Jerome Porter
Supporters: Will Wyeth

Under 14s

Players: Hugh Coomer
Managers: Gad Sofaer
Supporters: Hugh Coomer

Under 16s

Players: Levi Mandigora
Managers: Jimmy Palfrey
Supporters: Levi Mandigora

Under 17s

Players: Cai Munday
Managers: Jack Miles

Under 18s

Players: James Moody
Managers: Nathan Hickman

2021/22 Season

Annual Club Recognition Award
Claire Davison

Dean Cameron Trophy
Julian Lambert

Unsung Hero Award
Nij Sonpal

Coach of the Year
Mike Osborne

Under 8s
Players: Fintan Goss
Managers: Santi Jones
Supporter: Robson Blooomfield
Most Improved: Jacek Hatch

Under 9s
Players: Logan Griffiths
Managers: Isaac McCartney
Supporters: Max Lambert
Most Improved: Dexter Coupe

Under 10s
Players: Jakey Hart
Managers: Frankie Judd
Supporters: Dexter Richards
Most Improved: Teddy Fordham

Under 11s
Players: Stanley Griffiths and Caleb Grist
Managers: Fraser Monk-Steel
Supporter: Henry Willes
Most Improved: Ben Gray

Under 12s
Players: Oliver Moody
Managers: Guru Nathan
Supporters: Joey Whittington

Under 13s
Players: Joshua Duddridge
Manager: George Harris
Supporters: Joseph Morey

Under 14s
Players: Rhys Harris
Managers: Ethan Van Willegen
Supporters: Zac Bates

Under 15s
Players: Joe Doherty
Managers: Hugo Rawlings
Supporters: Lennon Palmer

Under 18s Gold
Players: Joe Lovell
Managers: Charlie Taylor

Under 18s Black
Players: Jimmy Palfrey
Managers: Jamie Philpott
Supporters: Jimmy Palfrey

2022/23 Season

Annual Club Recognition Award
Zoe Maleski
Dean Cameron Trophy (U12s)
Frazer Monk-Steel

Nathan Sessions Trophy (U10s)
Logan Griffiths

Unsung Hero Award
Chris Lockett

Coach of the Year
Mike Osborne
Team of the Year
Under 18s
Under 8s Gold Girls
Players – Scarlett Minsky
Managers – Florence Childs
Supporters – Ella Glasspool
Most Improved – Mollie Fryer

Under 8s Black Girls

Players – Amelia Palmer
Managers Esme Davison
Supporters – Vivi Hunter
Most Improved – Amy Lester
Under 8s Gold
Players – Ben Spratt
Managers – Barney Wall
Supporters – Charlie Thick
Most Improved – Joshua Parker

Under 8s Black
Players – Felix Titley
Managers – Thomas Sharvill
Supporters – Sebastian Parker
Most Improved – Ted Morris
Under 8s White
Players – Austin Jeffery
Managers – Harry Shergold
Supporters – Henry Kulas
Most Improved – Dexter Hawkins

Under 9s Gold
Players – Luke Tam
Managers – Lucas Moore
Supporters – Jake Boden
Most Improved – Noah Rousell

Under 9s Black
Players – James Wilson and Harry Loveridge
Managers – Max Santii
Supporters – Fintan Goss
Most Improved – Joshua Harvey

Under 10s Gold
Players – Logan Griffiths
Managers – Dexter Coupe
Supporters – Johnny Sessions
Most Improved – Freddie Spratt

Under 10s Black
Players – Harlan Kelly
Managers – Jay Salvi
Supporters – Hlib Andrushchenko
Most Improved – William Munro

Under 11s Gold
Players – Jakey Hart
Managers – Joshua Duke-Glover
Supporters – Max Hart
Most Improved – Harrison Murrell

Under 11s Black
Players – Frankie Judd
Managers – Dexter Richards
Supporters – Joel Crompton
Most Improved – Thomas Coram

Under 12s
Players – Wilf Bowditch-Nicholson
Managers – Stanley Griffiths
Supporters – Max Carter

Under 13s
Players – Oliver Moody
Managers Jay Sonpal and Milo Sonpal
Supporters – Josephine Whittington-Jones

Under 14s
Players – Dylan Le Feuvre
Managers – Tom Fordham
Supporters – Dylan Le Feuvre

Under 15s
Players – Jacob Goodchild
Managers – Harry Pearce
Supporters – James French

Under 16s
Players – Felix Monk-Steel
Managers – James Lockett
Supporters – Felix Monk-Steel
Most Improved – Blake Haskey

Under 18s
Players – Jamie Norton
Managers – Samuel Payne
Supporters – Jimmy Palfrey